Box86 lets you run x86 Linux programs (such as games) on non-x86 Linux systems, like ARM (the host system needs to be 32bit little-endian).

Because box86 uses the native versions of some “system” libraries, like libc, libm, SDL, and OpenGL, it’s easy to integrate and use with most applications, and performance can be surprisingly high in some cases.

Many games already work without much tweaking, for example: WorldOfGoo, Airline Tycoon Deluxe, and FTL. Many of the GameMaker Linux games also run fine. (There’s a long list, among them are Undertale, A Risk of Rain, or Cook Serve Delicious.)

Skifree using Wine running on an OpenPandora

Box64 is the 64bits version of Box86. It is used to run x86_64 binaries on ARM64 (i.e. aarch64) Linux.

There are a some YouTube channel where you can see box86 and box64 in action: MicroLinux, PILabs and The Byteman at least…

To see which games were confirmed to run (or not) on box86 and box64, see also this page (updated live from the list of issues in a dedicated GitHub repo).

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