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New Box64 v0.3.0 Released

A new version of box64 just released. Note that box86 has not evolved enough and did not get a new release. Next time maybe?

So what’s new on Box64? Well, AVX! But not only that, also AVX2, and BMI1, BMI2, ADX, FMA, F16C and RDRAND cpu extensions. While the later one are less well known, AVX and AVX2 certainly are.

So now, Box64 support all thoses CPU extension. They are 100% supported with the interpreter, and most of the opcodes are already implemented in the ARM64 Dynarec, using NEON opcodes. That means the 256 bits AVX registers are emulated with only 128bits NEON regs, but that also means AVX and AVX2 emulation is available on all ARM64 CPU (no need for SVE support). Adding SVE support might come in the future, but it’s not a priority for now.

So with AVX&AVX2 support added, games like Death Stranding are now working on box64 (unfortunatly, only on my Ampere test machine, the Turnip Freedreno vulkan driver on my Qualcomm machine lacks some extension and the game refuse to start there).

Beside all those CPU enhancements, there have been many fixes and other improvments, to library wrapping, elfloader, and the various Dynarec. More games are working on RV64 and LA64 backend, and some dxvk Wine games start to run on RV64.

Box64 v0.3.0

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