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Box86 v0.2.8 & Box64 v0.2.0

New version for both box86 and box64 have been tagged! More than 6 months since last release, so a lot of things changed!

You can expect some more speed (like an almost x2 speed in Doom 20016 with the vulkan renderer), especially on box64, and better compatibility. With some refactor of the elf loader, programs that loaded both and now don’t mix some of the common symbols. Program that override the libc malloc family functions are now also handled (by forcing to ignore that redirection). All that means more games are running, but also programs that use libcef or other chrome based componant works. Hacknet work fine now, in both 32bits or 64bits (using libcef), or Discord (electron application) now runs.

The bash integration, in both boxes also, can be usefull. Have a look at a precedent blog post for details on how to set it up here: . Basicaly, you can now run shell script in a pseudo x86/x86_64 environement, meaning that if the shell script do some uname -m to check the machine architecture, it will get the expected x86_64 instead of aarch64 for example. Using x86_64 bash also allows to run many more things on system that doesn’t have binfmt enabled, like most termux installations.

Finally, more library and functions have ben wrapped, again for both boxes. And Vulkan 1.3 is wrapped, allowing dxvk 2.0 to be used. Steam proton experimental also used latest vulkan, so it’s nice for hardware that have full vulkan support. GTK 3 is now also wrapped in box64, as well as many other gtk libs, including libgstreamer and many of it’s supporting libs (again, quite usefull with Steam proton experimental).

You can find a blog entry for those new box release, with a showcase video, on Boiling Steam here:

Box86 & Box64 are opensource and can be build from sources easily. Go get them on and

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