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Inner workings

A high‑level view of box86/box64 and a low‑level view of the dynarec This article explains the technical details about how box86 and box64 works (at the high level for the start and a low level for the dynarec). At the start, box86 (and box64) will extract useful informations about the executable being run: where is…

Benchmark Box64 Box86 Gaming

Game performances

Measuring performances of an emulator is always a bit tricky. For box86 (and box64), I decided to use benchs of opensource softwares, and compare the results between native and i386 version. A few months ago, I did some benchs and wrote the results for the Fosdem. The article can still be found here. The result…

Box86 Gaming

ARM Gaming

I see more and more posts about new solutions and platforms beeing created that will enable gaming on ARM, like if it was something new and revolutionnary. While I do agree it’s revolutionnary, I disagree with the “new” aspect. Gaming on ARM is quite old in fact. For those who remember that time, Pocket PC…