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New version of Box86 v0.3.2 and Box64 v0.2.4

New releases of both box86 and box64 (with a silent re-release of box86 to include a critical fix for steam).

While Box86 have seen little change, and was mostly fixes and some refactor to help load ELF file better, Box64 had major code contribution for this release.

Box64 Dynarec now support RISC-V! Thanks to github user ksco and xctan for their huge code contribution on the RV64 Dynarec, joined by wannacu at the end, the Dynarec is now complete for most usuals opcodes, and many x87 and SSE/SSE2 opcodes too. While not as efficient as the ARM64 one, it’s still a nice speed up and allow game to be played, like Stardew Valley on a Star Five 2 sbc (also using gl4es for the OpenGL driver, that’s a lot of emulation and translation layer here!)

Stardew Valley on RISCV running with Box64 Dynarec

Another new Developpement is the beggining of 32bits support in Box64. While this does not allow box64 to run 32bits linux apps, it does allow to run 32bits windows app using the new Experimental WoW64 of Wine. Support on box64 is still not perfect, so expect some things to not work correctly yet, but that’s still a big step forward, and some games are already playable.

Hyper princess Pitch running Wine WoW64 with Box64 on a Lenovo X13s

And of courses, both box86 and box64 have had a long list of fixes and improvments, with new symbols and libraries wrapped, more fine tuning in Dynarec, and more profile added in the RCFiles.

A late fix in box64 now allows some Linux games on Steam to correctly load some Steam library. One of those game is Canabalt.

And that quick re-release of box86? Well, I sudenly discover that 2 wrapped symbol of the library udev1 had a typo, maybe Steam stuck at loading when libudev1 32bits version was used. So I fixed the type and re-tagged the version.

3 replies on “New version of Box86 v0.3.2 and Box64 v0.2.4”

What about merging box86 and box64 into the same program?

“Just install box86 and any x86 (32 or 64 bit) binaries work” sounds like a simpler plan, no ?

There are huge technical chalenges to make box86 works on 64bits system, with the wrapping of libs (else it would have been done already).

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